About Skyviewuk

We're all about providing good service at affordable prices

Our most popular services

Aerial images of property, mostly for people selling, letting or listing on Airbnb

The second most popular service is roof inspections - quicker and safer than getting onto roof, results can be shown LIVE

Party Bus

Thermal Imaging

Using the thermal camera - (Aerial or ground) 

We can help find problems with solar panels

Roof and wall damp patches

We have even used the drone to help locate lost pets (and people)

  • Thermal Imaging
  • Drone SAR
  • Help find damp and heat loss
  • Preventative Maintenance


Party Bus

Cable Cam

If there is a need to film inside or very close to people, a cable camera set up can be more reliable and safer, so no danger from propellors, we can even live stream

  • Cable Cam For Close Work
  • 4K Video and Stills
  • Live streaming


Airport Transfers


We can carry out ground and aerial imaging

Using software we can do pre determined routes - ideal for work in progress repeat shots

12M still and 4k video

Live streaming

  • Aerial Imaging
  • Mapping
  • Events
  • Live Streaming


Wedding service


Using a drone for inspections is a quick solution, its safer than ladders or scaffold tower

Instant live viewing

4k video or 12mp still images

  • 4k Video Imaging
  • Thermal
  • Cost Effective
  • Quick to Deploy
  • Instant Images


Our Location

Wiltshire Based

BA13 area

Happy to travel